Trap & Skeet Range Specific Rules

  1. Equipment
    1. Shotguns with barrels shorter than 24 inches may only be used at the pattern board. All other usage is at the discretion of the Range Safety Officer.
    2. No pistol grip shotguns allowed without a stock on Trap or Skeet fields regardless of barrel length.
  2. Ammunition
    1. Lead shot target loads only; no steel loads due to ricochet hazards.
    2. No load containing more than 1-1/8 ounces of shot or any shot larger than #7 ½ can be used
    3. Maximum velocity 1300fps or 3 ½ Dram Equivalent
  3. Do not load the gun/close action until it is your turn to shoot.
  4. Do not proceed to the next station until all shooters have finished the station.
  5. Number of Shells: Never load more shells than needed for that target presentation. Trap-1 shell. Skeet-never more than 2 shells.
  6. Duds and misfired shells should be removed from the Hillsdale range by the owner. DO NOT leave them on the ground or put them in the trash.
  7. You may pick up empties AFTER your squad’s shooting round is complete.
  8. An Orange Cone on top of the trap house indicates a CLOSED FIELD. Do not point guns downrange on a closed field at any time.
  9. All trash should be placed in proper receptacles. Empty hulls go into the white buckets. Cardboard, plastic, etc. goes into the trash cans. Field strip all cigarette butts

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Range Info


The range is located at 26719 Toe Rd. Paola, KS, 66071.


We are an outdoor range, hours vary depending on seasons and weather conditions.



  • 17 lanes at 100 yards
  • 6 lanes at 200 yards


  • 6 lanes at 15 yards
  • 7 lanes at 25 yards
  • 5 lanes at 50 yards


  • 2 combination Trap/skeet fields

Meeting Room:

  • Holds 125 people
  • It can be booked for special events

Contact us for information on booking and pricing of ranges, meeting room, facility for private events, team-building exercises, or any other special events.